2019 Post-Auction Deals!

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Post Auction Deals!


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Events – Sports, Dance, Music, Comedy #1

Donated by: Northwestern University Athletics
Four Tickets
Attend a 2019-20 Wildcats Non-Conference Men’s Basketball Game at Welsh Ryan Arena.
Est. Value: $40      Amount: $18 $15
&nm>Donated by: Robert Crown Community Center
Two Public Skating Passes
Two annual passes for the Robert Crown Community Center. Expires 12/31/19.
Est. Value: $160    Amount: $70 $65

Art, Collectibles, Books, Goods & Supplies #3

Donated by: Murphy’s Fit
$30 Gift Certificate
Athletic shoes and gear for adults and kids. Casual shoes and outerware too!
Est. Value: $30      Amount: $15 $12

Services & Memberships #4

Donated by: Evanston Athletic Club
Two-Month Membership
All-Access Membership
Est. Value: $230    Amount: $100 $90
Donated by: Gene Siskel Film Center
Dual Membership
Enjoy film screenings and more, visit the gallery/cafe after a show
Est. Value: $80      Amount: $40 $35
Donated by: Pilates Connection
Two Private Pilates Sessions
Est. Value: $170    Amount: $75 $65
Donated by: Sky Nails
$40 Gift Card
Non-chip manicure
Est. Value: $40      Amount$20 $15
Donated by: Talsky Tonal Chiropractic Wellness Center
Gift Certificate
One month of wellness care
Est. Value: $330    Amount: $100 $90

Gift Baskets #5

Donated by: Bentley’s Pet Stuff
Premium cat food, treats, and toys
Est. Value: $43      Amount: $22 $18

Donated by: Christmas Carol Cast

Thankful Basket

Candle, small wooden plaque, 2- 16 count paper napkins, 2 boxes of thank you cards, 2 cloth kitchen towels, ceramic to go coffee mug, 1 kid book, 2 adult books

Est. Value: $100    Amount: $40 $35

Classes and Camps #6 

Donated by: Ayla’s Originals
Bead Stringing Class
One basic bead stringing class for 2
Est. Value: $70      Amount: $35 $30
Donated by: Music Institute of Chicago
One Musikgarten Class of Child and Parent
Est. Value: $232    Amount: $100 $90
Donated by: Viking Gymnastics
Kid’s Pass
1 Kid’s Night Out Pass for a fun and fantastic gymnastic facility.
Est. Value: $45      Amount: $20 $15

Theater & Opera Tickets #7

Donated by: Fleetwood-Jourdain Theatre Sold
2  Summer Premium Gold memberships: includes 3 plays and 2 concerts.
Est. Value: $110    Amount: $40 $35 Sold
Donated by: Laugh Factory Chicago
Four Tickets
Est. Value: $80      Amount: $40 $35

Email Cheryl at cheryent@comcast.net to Snag Your Great Deals!